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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our shippings timeframes vary depending on stock availibility. In-stock products generally ship within 3-5 days via courier for Metropolitan areas or Australia Post if you are a regional client. Made to Measure, made to order and out of stock products will take from 21 to 30 days. We will provide an ETA and updates as your order progresses.

A: Yes VIP membership entitles you to free shipping when you make any purchase amount. VIP membership can be purchased at $25 per year and it includes free gifts, samples and products sent quarterly.

A: We certainly do. We can make the curtains to fit your window/rods perfectly or we can customise a new design to suit your interior and requirements. Our standard made to measure products can be ordered online by entering your measurements. For any enquiries please email admin@portiere.com.au or if you prefer to place your order via email, contact sales@portiere.com.au

A: Yes we also sell cushions and tiebacks in our fabrics listed online. We sell custom made soft furnishings via our trade clients, interior designers etc. We only retail online. You may like to buy via one of our partners and stockists.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur nec posuere odio. A: Our ready-made curtains are made with fine lining and interlining of equal quality used for bespoke curtains. Generally ready-made curtains don't use linings or use acrylic backed fabrics however we only use decorator linings. It protects the curtains from the sun and mould and gives body to the curtains.

A: Typically, if you want a pinch pleated drape that doesnt use the traditional hooks to attach it to the drape rod, then consider a pinch pleated drape that is held onto a stationary rod with clips and rings. By using clips to hold the drape to the rod, you get traditional pleats along with the more modern look of clips and rings.

A: The addition of a cloth lining to the back of a drape fabric creates three distinct advantages over an unlined drape. For example: 1) A lined drape has superior insulation value against winter cold and summer heat. It can thereby help reduce your utility costs which is a good thing wherever you live. 2) Lined drapes also dampen or reduce sound from outside sources. 3) If privacy is something you value, then you have got to buy lined drapes. They offer you complete privacy and comfort. Unlined drapes are good alternatives when you want the most economical window covering.

A: By definition the word drapery is traditionally something that “drapes” over a rod and is purely decorative. In the 1800’s curtains became popular in middle-class homes as an insulating barrier to the cold in the winter and heat in the summer. They were different from the stationary and decorative draperies of higher-classhomes because they could be pulled shut against the cold night air.

A: Although all sound cannot be completely eliminated by curtains, outside noises can be greatly reduced and dampened by adding a cloth lining to your curtains. Additionally, the lining provides complete privacy and superior insulation against both heat andcold air.

A: Covering your windows can add much more to your home than providing privacy. Window treatments, such as drapes, curtains and blinds, can add to your room's decor or serve as the inspiration for the room. Hang blinds, curtains, drapes or a combination of the three to suit your light-control and decorating needs. Hang blinds in the windows for easy light control and privacy. Blinds are typically the least attractive window treatment option; however, they are functional. Use blinds for function and cover them with something more decorative such as side stationary decorative drapery panels. Install curtain rods that fit in with the rest of your decor. Choose curtains or drapes that fit your decor and the theme of the room. If your walls are bright and your room is full of interesting accessories, hang neutral, low-key curtains such as solid panels. If you want to add texture and elegance to your room, hang curtains with a rich pattern. If your room is neutral and you want to spice it up, consider bright, contrast or patterned curtains that will "pop" in the room.

A: Functional drapes provide coverage for your entire window. They allow you to open and close them with ease, adjusting the amount of light in your room and creating privacy. Decorative drapes can fully or partially cover your window. Due to their stationary nature, they are suitable for a room that has one light setting.


For any further enquiries, please email admin@portiere.com.au or contact us via our contact us page.