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Measuring Guide For Couture Made To Order Curtains

Replacing existing curtains? Measure the old curtains. If it’s a new installation see below.

1. Determine the opening

a) Decorative panels/Side Accent – Used as stationary panels to frame a winow. Not intended to close for privacy. Order 2 curtain panels of 1 width/drop each panel (finished width of 55-70cm each panel). To cover a larger area order 2 widths/drops per panel.
b) Fully closable panels – Panels intended to be closed for full privacy and light control. Order as centre open pair.
c) One way panel – A single curtain panel of any finished width that opens in one direction only.

2. Measure Width

This is the finished width of the rod or track plus any returns if required. A return is the projection from the wall to the track/pole when you want to have the curtain wrap around the track and finish at the wall to close off any gaps between wall and track. As a guide allow a minimum of 10cm to each side of the architrave however allow extra if possible for the curtain to stack back or to make a small window appear larger.

3. Measure Drop Length

Measure from where you want your curtain to sit down to where you wish your curtain to end. Allow enough room above the curtain starting position for a pole. A track generally is covered by the curtain. For poles with rings measure from the bottom of the ring. For traverse poles (pole tracks) measure from the bottom of the pole. For tracks, measure from the top of the track. Rod pocket panels start from the top of the rod. A curtain should be installed at least 10cm above the architrave, never on the architrave. For luxurious designer curtains go as high as you can above the architrave as close as possible to the cornice/ceiling (remember to allow enough room for your pole finial).

Always use a retractable METAL tape measure to ensure accuracy

For a tailored, off-the-floor casual look – Measure the length to the floor and subtract 1.5cm

More formal curtains may puddle on the floor in luxurious folds:

  • Understated (clean look with break at floor) add 2.5cmAlso called a break or “trouser” break. This puddling provides a clean look where the draperies just rest on the floor.
  • Standard (with a “spill” of fabric on the floor) 5cm to 10cm
  • Elegant (will fan the fabric on the floor) 15cm to 20cm
  • Luxurious (best for heavy materials & lush decors) 20cm to 25cm

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