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10 ways to transform your home from ordinary to spectacular using drapery apart from your windows.


  1. As a work of art: Who said only paintings are hung on walls?  Why not turn your drapery into an individual work of art?  Fasten an eye catching bracket or even a decorative tieback holder to the wall to hang drapery that matches your décor.  Want to create a focus point?  Use contrasting colours from the rest of the room, so as to draw the eye to your art piece. 
  2. Create the illusion of space:  Does your home interior feel claustrophobic?  Have you thought about hanging drapery from the walls to give the appearance of hidden doors and windows?  Many people are using this technique to create such illusions and by doing so making the space feel more open.  Also by hanging your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible, your eyes are naturally drawn up as you enter the room which creates the illusion of a larger space.
  3. A portiere to enliven doorways: Portieres have been used throughout history, as explained in my blog post on the history of curtains.  A portiere is an industry term for what we call drapery hanging from and/or over door frames.  This helps to create elegance in the room and hides an otherwise plain doorway.  Having a portiere with drapes pulled to the side, the space looks stylish and elegant.  You can then match the design with your plain walls to give a feeling of a hidden doorway with the drapery as mentioned above.  If you want to create this illusion you, need to copy the style of existing doorways.  Do you have a child who loves fantasy stories?  Why not make a hidden doorway for them in their room?  You could place a cupboard behind the portiere, creating a hidden room for them.  The other option is to have the portiere against a wall so it is just an illusion. You can use custom made curtains to create your idea of a portiere.
  4. Jazz up a dull bedroom: There are many ways to use drapery to jazz up your bedroom.  One of my favourites is to attach a hook in the ceiling above the bed to hang the drapery from. Then allow the drapery to softly fall around the head of the bed to create a mysteriously romantic feel to an otherwise plain bedroom. Some decorators will also then choose a matching fabric to use as a bed comforter or throw.  This adds a luxurious look and feel to the bedroom.  Ask us about our drapery crowns and decorative iron rosettes.
  5. The four poster bed: If you have a four poster bed, it is easy to hang drapery from the rails between the posts, creating a feeling of romance and intrigue.  I would suggest sheer fabrics, which will look good open or closed.  On the other hand, many people choose to hang heaver fabrics along the rails to act as a privacy screen.  Couple this with a matching bedcover and you have a bed fit for royalty.  As a child, my mother took me shopping for a new bed.  I told her I wanted the ‘princess bed’, referring to the four-poster-bed so this style has always been my favourite type of bedding.  I am planning posts to fully utilise the four-poster-bed coming in the future as well as ways of creating the same feel to a plain bed, so keep your eye open for them. Custom made curtains allow you to have more freedom with this idea.
  6. Drapery as room dividers: Do you have a large room that you would like to enclose or divide into two living spaces don’t want a permanent fixture or the expense of building a wall?  The reasons for desiring room dividers are as numerous as the fabrics and materials they are made from.  By installing mini tracks to the ceiling that are either sleek or hardly visible, you can hang curtains to act as room dividers or partitions.  Thereby opening them up when you want a larger room and closing them when you want to create a cosier atmosphere.  In this way, you are easily able to change the size and dimensions of the room to suit the occasion.
  7. To hide the kid’s play area: Using curtains to divide a room, you can also hide the children’s play area. I find this to be the easiest way to hide an untidy children’s play area when guests come unannounced.  Of course, you would need to teach the children to keep their toys etc. on one side of the room but the presence of curtains already there, it doesn’t take long to push the toys back under the curtain and out of sight.
  8. A home theatre: For me, part of the romance of the theatre is its heavy drapery hiding the stage or big screen.  When you go to the movies or theatre, the walls are lined with drapery, often covering the stage/screen for a dramatic feel at the beginning of the show.  Why not create the same feel at home?  Attach tracks to the ceiling and hang some dramatic curtains, hiding your television or home theatre behind. If you want to expand upon this, you may also want to consider hanging heavy drapery to the walls to emphasise the look. Next time you have a girl’s night in, a family movie night or a movie night with your partner, open the stage curtains to reveal your own personal theatre.  Couple this with a tub of popcorn and you create a feeling of being at the movies whilst in the comfort of your own home. 
  9. To hide valuable items: The idea of covering your home theatre with heavy drapery can also be used as a security measure, hiding it from unfamiliar guests such as the kind that knock on your door to sell you something.  In this way you keep temptation at bay and assist in protecting your belongings. 
  10. Creating an indoor canopy: One of the most interesting and beautiful alternative ways of using drapery that I have seen is the creation of an Arabian night’s theme in a cosy room. To create this, you simply hang a large circular attachment from the centre of your ceiling and proceed to hang long drapery made of sheer fabrics across the ceiling and down the walls. This will create the feeling of being in a tent.  However, be careful of light fitting placement as you will want to make sure that there is plenty of room between your drapery and the light fittings.  After all, you don’t want your drapery to catch on fire. 

Go ahead and try some of these techniques in your own home and don’t forget to send us pictures of your alternative drapery masterpieces. We love to hear and see what you are doing. Can you think of, or know of, other ways to use drapery? 

Written by Aseyah Shipman



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