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A simple tip to save!

Here is an easy tip to save money and the environment.


In Australia we have started coming into the heat of summer.  I never do summer heat well, and so I am always seeking ways to reduce the heat that enters in my home.  Add to that the cost of electricity, which let’s face it has skyrocketed; and looking for ways I can reduce my footprint on the environment, some would think it was an impossible task.  Do I have a tip for you that will not only help keep out the summer heat but will also help keep out the winter chills when it comes around next year, and will save money, using less electricity and therefore reducing your carbon footprint on the earth.

In an ever developing digital age we live in, I frequently find myself looking at the age old wisdoms to overcome general problems around the home.  I believe it is about time we reversed the trend of electricity usage and technology and go back to the wisdoms of those that went before us.  Historically drapery was used to prevent drafts entering the house in winter.  Now that is all good but my concern was around keeping the heat out.  The answer came to me in one sentence ‘use pelmets and heavy full-length curtains’.

In summer, we are wanting to stop the amount of heat that enters a room.  Much of this heat will come from our windows.  When using heavy lined curtains, they will help absorb and block out the heat entering the room, as well as reducing excess light entering the home.  The heavier and more lined a curtain is the better it will be to achieving the desired outcome. 

While curtains go a long way to keeping the summer heat out, with an opening at the top of the window the heat will still find its way into the room.  Heat rises and so the heat that is trapped on the other side of the curtain will rise to the top and enter the room this way.  As the heat rises the cool air of the room will filter under the curtain, creating a draft; which will then heat up and rise to the top of the curtain.   That is where pelmets come in.

Pelmets can be made from any material as long as they create an air barrier.  They merely need to be fixed to the wall and reach to the top of the curtain or a little lower.  Add pelmets with heavy, double lined, floor length curtains, and you will stop the air from entering from the top, or leaving at the base thereby trapping the cool/warm air in the room.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use pelmets, you can use decorator rods that have a pelmet top or extra heavy curtains alone, as long as you ensure they pool a little on the floor and are thick enough to bunch at the sides.  This will stop the cool air leaving (or in the case of winter entering) the room and thus dramatically reducing our need for air conditioners, fans, and the like.  It is also important to add ‘returns’ to the curtains which is the curtain covering the projection from the wall to the track.

At Pret-a-Portiere we give you many different choices of lining, with most of our customers choosing a double lining for their curtains.  Our linings are made without chemicals because we are concerned about the environment, your environment in your home, as well as the earth as a whole.  We aim to educate people on how to use curtains to reduce or stop the devastating impact we, as humans are having upon our world’s environment.  We have an interlining which sits between the lining and the curtain (which is a soft cotton flannelette type fabric).  Interlining adds drama, stability and insulation to any curtain.  We also offer triple weave light reduction lining which reduces light by up to 80% and has no coatings making them a healthy and long lasting option.

We would love to hear from you and welcome any comments, questions, or enquiries, you may have. 

The staff at Pret-a-Portiere are always more than happy to assist you in your personal window treatment, to help you start saving money and the environment today. 



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